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Written Work

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Unproduced Scripts & Pitches

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Horror Webseries
Trade Offs
Half Hour Comedy Series

Logline: A small town, best pal filmmaking duo barters services, time, and favors with different

local eccentrics so they can cobble together their “cinematic vision.”


On top of that, the duo must juggle their passions with the mundane frustrations of day jobs, the decay of their social and personal growth, and their community's general lack of understanding about what it is they're doing and why it has value.

Since each episode revolves around a distinct task or mission, they stand alone. Since each of those tasks/missions are in the service of a larger goal, the show maintains serial elements for viewers who want to follow along and watch the characters build their short movies as the series builds its own lexicon and atlas.

Logline: Ella awakens the dormant, primal ghouls bound to an isolated farmhouse when she takes a job preparing the home for sale. The ghouls pierce the veil of Ella’s reality, steering her away from sanity and towards a feral metamorphosis; to become legion.

Cryptomnesia is a single location, 5 episode web series that’s a mix between the tonal qualities of “slow burn” horror like ​The Hous​e of the Devil and ​The Lords of Salem and the tension of losing one’s sanity like Queen of Earth. Add in some early Cronenberg body horror and you’ve got Cryptomnesia.

Key Party! The Movie! 
Screwball Comedy - Feature Film Script
Moscow Mule
Mockumentary - Short Film Script

Logline: In a series of quickly escalating misunderstandings, a young man is forced to track down a stolen engagement ring at a mega-orgy happening at the same hotel as his girlfriend’s office party. 

It's a nod to 80's screwball, ensemble sex comedies updated with an open-minded POV and lesson. It’s Bachelor Party for the folks who love Judd Apatow and the deviants behind Workaholics & It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Logline: A doc-style work of fiction that follows a low stakes blue-collar con artist who thinks he can sell carrots to Russia because “Everything worthwhile is below the surface.”

Meet the Actual Devil 
Comedy - Short Film Script
The Writer & the Rig 
Sci-Fi/Comedy - Audio Drama Script

Logline: A man pays $20 to meet the Devil, who acts more like a disgruntled B-Movie actor selling autographs at a convention, than the Prince of Darkness.

Logline: The future. A pulp novelist gets a gig on a mining vessel in the outer reaches of the galaxy, hoping he can turn the experience into a book. As he learns more about the crew & the high disappearance rate, he begins to suspect that the edge of our universe is also the edge of some other, more malicious beings' universe.

Written for an audio sci-fi anthology.

Recipe for the Apocalypse 
Comedic Cooking Web Series - Pitch Deck
"OCHO" Product
Crowdfunding Explainer Video - Script

Recipe For The Apocalypse is a 5-6 episode web series, 5-7 minutes in length that is part experimental cooking show, part post-apocalyptic “race for the cure” narrative, and a whole lot of late-night science fiction film all wrapped up in a comedy burrito blanket (read: tortilla).

The series contains only 2 main characters — The Professor and The Prime Minister, who communicate via video monitor and pneumatic tube. In each episode, The Prime Minister sends a new snack food to The Professor, who is trapped in a makeshift, underground test kitchen. The Professor must spin this snack food into an ingredient in a larger meal. (e.g. Captain Crunch Breaded Chicken, a cocktail made with candy peach rings, etc.)

While The Prime Minister’s motives are unknown to the audience (and The Professor), they are pieced together as the season progresses. Ultimately, it is revealed that The Prime Minister, due to a transmission he received from the past, believes The Professor cooked up a dish that caused the apocalypse.

At the end of each episode, The Prime Minister samples the food then examines his mutant hand. While always delicious, the Professor’s dish never cures The Prime Minister’s deformity, thus proving it was not the cure for the apocalypse. The tests must continue, so he comes up with a new ingredient for The Professor to cook. The Prime Minister intends to re-introduce these ingredients until The Professor cooks up a dish that can counter "The Event." The anti-pasta to its antipasto.

A commissioned web commercial/crowdfunding video script for a product called OCHO. We were given three parameters -- There was a minuscule shooting budget; we needed to explain the product’s features in a creative, humorous way; and we needed to keep the script in our voice. 

Vine Video Campaign for
Grub Hub  
Comedic Micro Video Campaign - Pitches

Commissioned pitches for some short-form comedic, food-related content originally conceived for Grub Hub. Some of these were shot and used for social media promotion by Grub Hub.

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