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For over a decade, Christian Gridelli & Hunter Norris have been writing, directing, producing, and editing in Chicago as DimeStore Films. Their work includes short films, web series’, feature films, commercials, corporate video, music videos, script rewrites, and audio plays. 


In 2017, DimeStore Films released their first feature-length comedy, The Origins of Wit and Humor, which co-stars Joe Hursley (Resident Evil) and Steve Lemme (Super Troopers, Beerfest). It won “Best Comedy” at Philadelphia Independent Film Fest and “Best Actor” at the Hill Country Film Festival.

If we're looking at the back of their baseball cards, Christian graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a bachelor of arts degree in Film & Video. He immediately went to work associate producing TV content for The History Channel, The Biography Channel, and Comcast OnDemand. On the writing end of the spectrum, he has written critically on film for various independent publications as well as contributed humorous tweets for Grub Hub. Christian has also guest lectured/been on panels at Columbia College Chicago, The Apple Store, Stage 18 Chicago,  Chicago Filmmakers, & The Hill Country Film Fest on filmmaking and screenwriting.


More recently, Christian and Hunter wrote an episode of the Sarah Award-nominated sci-fi anthology podcast, "The Outer Reach: Stories from Beyond" and were tapped to do a complete rewrite on the forthcoming film adaptation of the Image Comics title, "Revival.” DimeStore’s latest short film, Hypoxia, a dystopian sci-fi short, ended its festival run and premiered on Film Shortage as a "Daily Pick." Their 6 part audio drama, an adaptation of one of their feature scripts entitled, “No Better Lot,” is now available on the Modern Horrors podcast feed.

Contact Us with New Ideas & Projects

We’ve handled all stops along the production line, so we’re great at scaling ideas to meet your budget and we can plug-in where you need us.
Please get in touch with any questions (or complements), we'd love to meet you.


We Look Forward to Collaborating with You

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